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Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry 2004;8(2):125-136.
Articles : Nutrition Information Source and Nutrition Knowledge in Middle and High School Rhythmic Gymnasts and their Coaches
The purpose of this study was to investigate the nutrition information sources and the nutrition knowledge in 41 rhythmic gymnasts aged 14.8±1.5 years and 17 coaches by questionnaires. Information about weight control, nutritional knowledge and its source, and food intake were collected by individual interview. Food intake was investigated with the 24 hours recall and two days dietary record methods. The results were as follows. All rhythmic gymnasts had experienced weight control. Most of them (97.6%) preferred `food restrict` as methods for weight control. Only fifty-one percent of rhythmic gymnasts had ever received the nutritional information. Their major information sources were parents & friends (76.2%). Eighty-two percent of rhythmic gymnasts wanted to obtain the nutritional information from the mass media and nutritionist & dietitian by the methods such like internet or nutrition counseling. Seventy-seven percent of coaches had ever counseled rhythmic gymnasts on nutrition, especially on the diet for weight control (92.3%). Their major information source were the mass media and curriculum. All coaches wanted to get the nutritional information from the nutritionist & dietitian and specialized books & dictionary by the methods such like internet or nutrition counseling. Total nutritional knowledge score of rhythmic gymnasts was 28.4 of 50 scores. Categorical score was the highest at the knowledge on `food source` and the lowest at the knowledge on `food exchange`. Total nutrition knowledge score of coaches was 37.6 of 50 scores, and higher than score of rhythmic gymnasts. Categorical score was the highest at the knowledge on `food sources` and the lowest on `food exchange` like rhythmic gymnasts. All nutrient intakes except vitamin C were higher in the group have received nutrition information compared with the group have not. In conclusion, it is very necessary to give rhythmic gymnasts and their coaches professional nutrition information by the information sources and methods they want. It could be helpful for improving the nutrition knowledge and enhancing performance of rhythmic gymnasts.
Key Words: rhythmic gymnasts, coaches, weight control, nutritional information, nutrition knowledge


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