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Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry 2011;15(1):11-19.
Orignal Paper : Responses of m-GOT and humeral immune biomarkers to exhaustive endurance running and antioxidant supplementation in elite distance runners
This investigation examined the responses of mitochondrial aspartate aminotransferase (m-GOT) and immunoglobulins (IgA, IgG, IgM) to exhaustive endurance running and to antioxidants supplementation. Twelve female elite distance runners were divided into two groups (EG, CG) and participated in treadmill running test. EG was supplied with antioxidants for 12 weeks. Blood samples were collected before (Pre-test) and after (Post-test) 12 weeks at baseline (T1), exhaustion (T2), 30 minutes after exhaustion (T3) and 60 minutes after exhaustion (T4). m-GOT was not changed significantly, which suggested that the mitochondrial function of elite distance runners might not be hurt easily. There were significant differences of IgA, IgG and IgM within groups. In the Pre-test, EG and CG showed a significantly higher level in T2 than in T3. In the Post-test, EG didn`t reveal such similarity but, compared to EG, CG showed a significantly higher level in T2 than in T3. These results suggest that antioxidant supplementation may have some beneficial effects on the humoral immune responses of elite distance runners. Correlation, factor- and regression-analysis showed that IgG has a significant relationship with all variables. These findings suggest that IgG may play important roles not only in maintaining of mitochodrial function but also in mediating immune responses.
Key Words: treadmill running test, mitochondrial damage, immunoglobulins


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