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Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry 2004;8(3):415-422.
Articles : The Correlation between Bone Mineral Status and Body Composition, Muscle Strength, and Blood Pressure in Men and Women
The bone mineral status is influenced mainly by genetic factors and gender. The muscle strength is also regarded as predictive factor to the bone mineral density and bone fracture. In addition, hypercalcuria and hyperparathyroidism are known to lead to reduced bone mineral content later in life. Therefore, the present study was designed to investigate the correlation between muscle strength and blood pressure and bone mineral status. The subjects consists of 41 adults female and male. The subjects were tested for anthropometry. At the same time the total bone mineral density and content, total body lean mass and fat mass were measured by dual-energy X-ray absorptionmetry (DEXA). Isokinetic knee flexion and extension peak torque was measured using a Cybex 770 dynamometer, and grip strength was measured using hand grip strength dynamometer. Blood pressure was measured with arm at cardiac level by using a sphygmomanometer. As expected, male were taller, heavier, stronger, had more lean body mass, and higher bone mineral status. Univariate regression analyses showed that bone mineral density of female was positively correlated with knee flexion peak torque, grip strength (L), systolic blood pressure, while that of male was correlated with knee extension peak torque, systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
Key Words: bone mineral density, bone mineral content, isokinetic peak torque, blood pressure, grip strength


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