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Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry 2004;8(2):213-220.
Articles : Effects of Albumin, Carnitine, and Pyruvate Ingestion on Blood Lipid Levels and Lactic Acid Concentration during Exercise of Ventilation Threshold
The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of albumin, carnitine, and pyruvate ingestion on variables of blood lipid metabolism following four different treatments methods (placebo[PLA], albumin + pyruvate[A-P], carnitine + pyruvate [C-P], albumin + carnitine + pyruvate[A-C-P] ingestion). Nine healthy male collegiate students paricipated as subjects after signing an informed consent. The submaximal exercise intensity of this study was the ventilation threshold (VT) of subjects which was determinated using V-slope method during graded maximal exercise test on the treadmill (Bruce protocol). To comparative analysis on the effect of fat metabolism during submaximal exercise (40 min) after ingestion of albumin, carnitine, and pyruvate it was compared the triglyceride (TG), free fat acid (FFA), lipase, and lactic acid (LA) were compared to analyze the effects on lipid metabolism following every treatment methods. First, there were not significant differences in lipidic variables included TG, FFA, lipase, and LA among treatment methods. However, except LA, average concentration of TG, FFA, and lipase were the higher in A-C-P treatment method. Only when compared with level of blood concentration, A-C-P treatment method has the effect of fat metabolism facilitation and glycogen sparing. Second, in lipidic variables, there were significant difference in rest period in comparison with other periods. In summary, results of this study revealed that albumin, camitine and pyruvate have the beneficial effects on exercise performance and glycogen sparing by lipid metabolism facilitation. Especially, A-C-P treatment method has the greater effect on lipid metabolism. Moreover, albumin, carnitine, and pyruvate ingestion was beneficial by changing blood lipid component and even greater effects could be expected during the rest and recovery after exercise. To improve the endurance exercise performance it should be develope the efficient energy metabolism. Therefore, the utilization of fat should be greater than the carbohydrate during the endurance exercise.
Key Words: Ventilation threshold-Albumin-Pyruvate-Carnitine-Lipid metabolism


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