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Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry 2004;8(2):191-198.
Articles : Effect of Carbohydrate-electrolyte Drink on Cardiopulmonary Fitness and Immune Cell During the Progressive Loaded Exercise Test
This study was performed to investigate the effect of carbohydrate-electrolyte drink on endurance exercise capacity and T-cell related immune function during the supramaximal progressive loaded exercise and recovery time. The participated subjects were seven male cyclists and they were drunk carbohydrate-electrolyte drink or placebo before the exercise. To avoid proceeded exercise effect, the subjects performed two experimental trials separated by 7days. The VO₂max, HRmax of carbohydrate-electrolyte supplemented group was significantly higher than that of control group (p<0.01). However, the blood lactate concentrations were not significant difference between two groups during the exercise and recovery times except for warm-up (p<0.05). The CD4^(+) T-cell populations of carbohydrate-electrolyte drink group was not significant difference compared to control group except for 10 min of recovery time (p<0.05). On the other hand, There were not significant differences in the CD8^(+) T-cell and CD4^(+)/CD8^(+) ratio during the exercise and recovery. From these results, it was suggested that glucose-electrolyte contained drink ingestion before exercise improve cardiopulmonary fitness, but not change in T-cell related immune function during short term of exhaustive exercise.
Key Words: carbohydrate-electrolyte, exercise, immune function


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