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Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry 1999;3(2):47-62.
Effect of exercise on T - lymphocytes and Interleukin - 2
This study aims at defining the effect of the difference of physical strength level in groups by way of exercise type on the responses to the human immune cell. The subjects were total 12 persons, which were consisted of 6 persons, and 6 handball players. The responses of T-lymphocyte subpopulations, Interleukin-2 receptor according to the exercise type(graded maximal exercise and 30 minutes of individual exercise), and groups(commons and players) were compared and analyzed in the states of relaxing, ventilatory threshold(VT), post-exercise, 30 minutes of restoring, after-60 minutes. The results are as follows; First, both graded maximal exercise and 30 minutes of ventilatory threshold exercise revealed the increase of absolute value of the total T-lymphocyte, T4-lymphocyte, and T8-lymphocyte post-exercise, which were restored to the level of relaxing within 30 minutes of restoring. The ratio of T4/T8 were reduced post-exercise. And for all the T-lymphocyte subsets, there were no difference of importance between exercise types and between groups(p> .05). Second, both graded maximal exercise and ventilatory threshold exercise did not make any meaningful changes in the activity of IL-2. And there were no differences of importance statistically between exercise types and bwteen groups(p> .05)


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