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Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry 1999;3(2):37-46.
Changes of the relationship among physical fitness , body composition , and physique after weight training and jogging exercise program in obese women
The purpose of this study was to compare between the effect of weight training and jogging on the relationship among physical fitness, body composition, and body girth in middle-aged obese women. Forty middle-aged women(2 groups : weight training group and jogging group) with %fat over 30% participated in the experiment as subjects, and performed weight training and jogging for 8 weeks, repectively. During the training session, subjects participated in the 30 min training protocol 3 days a week. For each training protocol, subjects performed weight training, and the intensity of which was 70% of 1 RM. The running speed of jogging was controlled on the basis of 60% target heart rate. The 1 RM and 60% target heart rate were measured twice, prior to and 4 weeks after the beginning of training session, and measured data were used in adjusting the intensity of training. Muscular strength and endurance were found to increase after weight training, and the skinfold thickness was found to decrease in weight training group. But body girth except for upper arm and ankle was not changed. This results suggested the increase of the lean body mass after weight training. Cardiorespiratory function was founds to increase after jogging exercise program, and the skinfold thickness and body girth were found to decrease in jogging group. The results could be considered the preservation of the relationship between body gith and body composition. Therefore we can suggested the combined training with weight training and jogging exercise program for the positive improvement of body shape and physical fitness in middle-aged obese women.


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